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We certainly can't know everything – though the Internet places a lot more information at our fingertips if we bother to look for it. But when we discover something worthwhile, we should at least try to hold on to it.

Candido Rondon
"...Between 1890 and 1930, Rondon managed to complete the erection of 4.000 miles of telegram wires in the remotest wilds of Brazil while at the same time he carried out important geographical and geological surveys in the course of which he discovered and mapped no fewer than fifteen large rivers..."

Here's to those daring free-spirited souls that went first. In this case, those ladies of color who said, "Why not?"

Mary Fields was one of the most colorful characters in the history of the Great Plains. Various descriptions of her claim that she was six feet tall, weighed over 200 pounds, smoked homemade cigars, and carried a pair of six-shooters and a ten-gauge shotgun..

Actress Ester Roles portrayed Stagecoach Mary in the 1974 Public Television Documentary series, South By Northwest

Adelaide "Su-Lin"  Young

Bessie Stringfeld

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