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Simmons' Dispatch from the Field #2:
Arrived on the campus of University of Technology Friday (after doing an early morning TV show) around 1 PM. Had lunch then spent 2 hours leading a room full of children through my Art of Making Comics workshop. I talked about my work from childhood to Blackjack, to Scooby Doo, to Archie Comics.

Their enthusiasm ranged from, " Yes, I draw..." to "...I already make my own comics!" The latter child proudly displaying his hand made comic strip booklet (properly stapled together). He was maybe eight. Maybe!

Like I've always said, show them how to do something creative with their imagination, then get out of their way. Hope to display their work on the KCC web site within a week.

Simmons' Dispatch from the Field #1:
So, despite snow, and snow, mo' snow, I spoke at the Baobab Center in Rochester Friday night (2/8/13).

This was after viewing a screening of John Gayle's documentary film, "White Scripts & Black Superheroes."

The film offers audiences an analytical look at black images in the comic books (characters & creators) over the past 70 years.

My lecture explored the social culture surrounding those comics and how that impacted then and now. Audience participation generated some dynamic questions and dialogs.

Next stop … Jamaica!

John Jenning's Second Dispatch from the Field!
The opening of Black Kirby Exhibit at Virginia State!
(February 6, 2013)

Like the first day with the students and teachers, this was a truly exciting experience! Students could see not only how art is created, but also where imagination and inspiration can take it.


As promised, John Jennings is on the road and sending reports from the field. Here's his first dispatch. Read and enjoy.

JJ @ Virginia State University:

Here's a look at How the Creative Process works. I did it Monday, in Prof. Meena Khalili's illustration class at Virginia State University!

did a short introductory lecture about my work and about Alex Simmons' work and his character BLACKJACK. In fact I created an image of the character as part of my lecture. (See screen captures.)

I then answered questions regarding my process, how I thought about making art/stories, and my inspirations around building characters that resonate with audiences.

I also looked at the student work and gave some feedback. Prof. Khalili is doing a great job. The students are really focused and have wonderful concepts.

It was an honor be in the studio with them sharing information and energy.

I then visited the Advertising Art class co-taught my hostess Prof. Ann Ford and Prof. Andrew Feldstein. It is an amazing collaboration between the art department and the marketing department. Students were asked to analyze Super Bowl commercials regarding their effectiveness.

Last, but not least, I gave a public lecture at 4:30pm and ended around 5:45pm. I had a great time!

The exhibition, BLACK KIRBY: IN SEARCH OF THE MOTHERBOXX CONNECTION opens today (Tuesday) at 530 pm!! It'll be up for the month of February.

And during the day, I will be in Prof. Ford's Type 2 class. After that, it's home and back in the studio making another Blackjack image!!

Till then...


Pulp Adventure Con poster


Despite some setbacks there’s still plenty of action n the mix for the coming months. The plight of a small independent creator publisher is usually time and money. Though I'm wrestling with both (with plenty of head butting), there are four BJ tales in the works.

Blackjack: Night of Fear
Scotland. Can even the courage and skills of ace adventurer Arron Day take on and defeat a 100 year-old curse in the form of “the dogs of Hell … werewolves?”
Writer: A. Simmons artist: Shawn Atkinson

Blackjack: Heart of Evil
Paris/Germany. Arron was sent to extract a murdering dictator in hiding. Now he’s one man, wounded and alone, in a freezing forest, and hunted by soldiers determined to see him dead.
Writer: A. Simmons artist: John Jennings

Blackjack: Shooters
New York City. Unarmed, Arron must prevent three machine gun toting killers from slaughtering hundreds of people in the massive hall of a NY landmark.
Writer: A. Simmons artist: Dave Ryan

Blackjack: The King Is Dead
Asia. Arron, and his friend, Henri are all that’s left of a squad of men hired to protect a regional king and his family from assassination … by his own army.
Writer: A. Simmons artist: Christian St. Pierre

August 6th, 2012

Blackjack writer/creator captured and made to talk...and talk... and talk! Naturally. Check out the interro ... Uh, I mean in depth interview here:

Coming to a city ... near me! BLACKJACK KNIGHTS! It's a fun-filled, nouveau/retro evening of artists wine, old time radio and film clips, wine, passionate talk about characters and cultures of color in the 30s and 40s, wine, chit-chat, wine, fundraising, wine and ... oh yes, cheese. When: Aug. 4th.. Time: 6-9pm. Where: Pearl Studios, 519 8th Ave, btwn West 35th and 36th Street. More, I mean mo' info later.

Blackjack Returns!

June 21st, 2012

After several years, and continued interest from the film and video arena Simmons is launching a 3-tier plan to bring his Blackjack back to the public.

The first is the launching of a web site where frantic fans and curious consumers can find all things Blackjack. Check it out.

After several years, and continued interest from the film and video arena Simmons is launching a 3-tier plan to bring his Blackjack back to the public.

The first is the launching of a web site where frantic fans and curious consumers can find all things Blackjack. will launch Monday, June 13, 2012!

As it continues to grow the web site will have more artwork, interviews, great stories, and inside information on current Blackjack activities.

Tier two is a full-blown fundraiser on starting June 20th. This is a campaign to help published an 80 page anthology containing artwork by industry super talents Eric Battle, Steve Ellis, and Shawn Atkinson.

Tier three will be the debut of a brand NEW series of Blackjack action adventure tales, with amazing art by John Jennings, and Christian N. St. Pierre, starting in late summer.

So there you have it! Light the flares, notify high command, and send out your runners!

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