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Since I first entered this business, as a small independent creator/publisher, I've tried to keep my fans aware of the journey – pro and con.

My team's hard work and the reactions of the fans made my creation, BLACKJACK, much more successful than I had hoped.

And though BJ and I took a hiatus for a few years, I wish to continue that policy of openness now.

So, I apologize for the scheduling inconsistency since I launched the RETURN OF BLACKJACK, over a year ago. I teamed up with some very talented artists, but life and our respective schedules periodically hit speed bumps along the way.

The good news is..

· We have cogitated, conversed, and conceived of ways to improve the situation.
· The Blackjack story, "Color of Courage" (illustrated by Steve Ellis) was just published in the Netherlands (by LoneJim Comics), and their audience loved it.
· We'll be providing a few new visual appetizers over the next 5 months!

That I'll describe in the next dispatch.

Simmons out.


*Keep tabs on the incoming news from our artists on the road this month on our Blackjack Dispatch page, on this web site.


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