Join Blackjack on the high road to adventure in, HEART OF EVIL, DAY OF THE HUNTER (w Tarzan), CALL TO DUTY, COLOR OF COURAGE, and RETRIBUTION!

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About BlackJack

Blackjack first appeared in comics in 1996 under the banner of DAP (Dark Angel Productions) Comics. The first four-issue mini-series was called "Second Bite of the Cobra" and introduced the world to Arron

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About The Creator

For many years Alex Simmons has written (and in some cases also created) a number of juvenile mysteries under a variety of pseudonyms for many well-known publishers.

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Art Gallery

The art gallery for Blackjack will not only include covers and artwork but will also include art never before seen until now.

Checkout the latest art today!

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The Stories

Here's where we keep the untold written and recorded adventures of Arron Day

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BlackJack News

This is where you will be able to check out the any and all news for Black Jack and Black Jack Adventures. Posting will be as often as possible and can give you all the news you will need for this website. Read more below to find out today!

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Interested in finding out more about Blackjack? Want to contact the author or artists of Blackjack? Seeking an item that is Blackjack related? All you have to do is click the link below and contact me today to get started!

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